Monday, October 7, 2013

Typical Day on the Delta

It was so peaceful and quiet anchored behind Spud Island that we slept until 8:00 am. After a leisurely breakfast and tidy up, we raised the anchor and headed back upriver towards the Port of Stockton.

Out on the channel there was plenty of traffic. Lots of these...
And these...
And these.
Stockton is a deep water ship port and we get several ships in and out each week. The channel is 30' deep all the way to San Francisco Bay, and about 200' wide here. Although it looks close, there is plenty of room, BUT, if you dilly dally in the center of the channel, you will get a long blast from the ship's horn. He is saying, "Get out of my way!"

Shortly after the Western Tokyo went by the Atlantic Star went by, then we saw the Coast Guard zooming by, headed toward the port.
They are on "Homeland Security" duty and provide protection for the propane tankers every time they move along the channel.
And here is the propane tanker, Luigi Lagrange, that they were hovering around. If you wanted to pass it they would escort you and stay between you and the ship. And the sailor on the bow had both hands on his loaded M240 At all times. 

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