Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Decorating Project

This project was instigated by a card we received from some dear friends in England.
I took the card out to the boat, read it to the Captain, then looked for a place to display it. Wherever I put it, it was in the way or it kept falling down. As I've said before this boat has no little shelves or fiddle rails or anywhere to set anything.

I decided to make a memory board and attach it to the head door. First I made a paper pattern of the funny shape of the door panel. Then the Captain cut it out of 1/4" plywood. I marked out the ribbon pattern and drilled the 1/16" holes for the buttons. Next I stapled two layers of quilt batting and the fabric over the board.

Then I stapled the ribbon along the lines and sewed little buttons on the front. To secure them I went through identical buttons on the back and knotted the tread securely.

I like how this turned out. It not only provides a display space for cards, photos, and notes, but it also brightens this dark corner.

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