Friday, December 9, 2016

Glitter Houses

Now that we're on a dock and not moving around so much, and it actually feels a little like Christmas (it was 47 degrees this morning), I am doing some artsy-craftsy projects; like these glitter lighthouses.

I made them out of cardstock, painted them with craft paints, and used a little battery operated tea light for the lamp. The top lifts off to access the light for turning it on and off. The hardest part was finding a clear plastic cylinder for the windows. I ended up using old spice jars which are just a bit bigger than the tea lights. (I had to trim off the top and bottom, of course.)

I'm really pleased with them, but I'm already beginning to debate the wisdom of glitter on a boat. I tried to be neat, but I see glitter everywhere now.

(BBB) or Back Before the Boat, I made a bunch of glitter houses for Christmas. I used a string of mini lights under some snow (batting) instead of tea lights. Here's a blog about them:

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