Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Refinishing the Living Room Floor

Let's face it: people who live on boats don't do things the same way as folks who live in houses, and sometimes we probably seem just plain weird.

For example, if a house dweller wanted to refinish their living room floor they would move the furniture out, get a sander in there, sand and refinish it, wait a few days for it to harden up, then move back in.

However, we take the floor pieces out and live like this (walking around on the "joists") for a week or so while we refinish our floor. Then we varnish the floor pieces in our kitchen, and lay them on our bed to dry. Weird, just weird.

Other than the obvious difficulty of not missing a beam and falling into the bilge, all kinds of stuff falls into the bilge! So far we've had to retrieve glasses, tools, and napkins, and while I was cleaning I even found some Wasabi Peas! 

We applied the final coat of varnish yesterday, and decided to clean this section of the bilge before we put the floors back down. First I vacuumed and brushed all the dust and hair out of the nooks and crannies. Then I brought the hose down below and washed the lowest, dirtiest sections.
Finally we lifted the table up, slid the floors under, bolted it all down, and called it done.
Next we will tackle the galley area. I can only imagine what strange things will fall into that bilge while we have the floors up.

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