Friday, October 28, 2016

Villa Calas

Do you ever travel with no plans? Like you have no idea where you'll end up and no idea where you will sleep?

We do, and it has often led us to delightful places.

When we left San Jose Thursday the idea was to see Volcan Poás, so we drove up a road that resembled the roads in the hills above our hometown in California. The road curved through green hills dotted with cows and farms. The tree ferns and bromiliads reminded me that I was no where near California, though.

When we got close to the volcano we started looking for a place to stay. We saw a sign for Villa Calas, pulled in, and asked to see a room.

Their cute little cabins have fireplaces, excellent views, free breakfast, and (in my mind the best part) hummingbirds galore.

Every cabin has a feeder right outside the window and we spent several hours every day watching the hummingbird's antics.

There are lots of different hummingbirds here, and even after all this time we could only identify one: the Violet Sabrewing.

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