Monday, August 8, 2016

Fun Family Weekend

We spent a wonderful relaxing weekend with family in Tequesta. Granny, the girls, and I made tarts and had a tea party one day.

I also got to do the bedtime book reading for two nights and I loved it. That's one thing we always did with our girls and it's a great way to bond, relax, and create a love of reading.

Late Saturday afternoon Daddy, Popah, and Uncle Malcolm arrived from Key Largo with the new boat. The girls were so excited.
In no time at all, the girls were in their boat coats, and took off for their first ride in the new boat.

Sunday, after an early morning fishing trip, the rest of us joined the endless parade up the ICW. Being the last weekend before the start of school, it was especially busy.

Although it wasn't as busy as this photo I snagged off the Internet, Tequesta Sandbar was still hopping. This seems to be a unique Florida thing; drive your boat onto the sandbar, turn up the music, pop open the ice chest, and wade around partying all day. Or until the lightning sends everyone scurrying home.

Our goal for the day wasn't to party at the sandbar, but to run up to Stuart to see Thistle and drop us off. Its an easy 25 mile trip on the ICW. Along the way we saw lots of osprey nests.
Eventually, a front built north of us. We endured the rain for a while, but when the lightning started the new Captain wisely turned around.

We arrived safely back at their house, raised the boat on the lift, flushed the engines, changed into dry clothes, had dinner, and eventually were driven home in the car. Flexibility is the name of the game here in Florida. 

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