Saturday, July 16, 2016

Westerbeke Generator Problems

After a problem with the first machine shop (seriously, who BREAKS a heat exchanger trying to PRY it off?) we got our head back. They did a good job at a reasonable cost, replaced four valves, and even repaired the damaged heat exchanger.
The Captain thinks he has an inguinal hernia so I got to help a lot, including torqueing down the head. It required 60 ft/lbs and it wasn't easy, but I did it. 
After we got it all back together we tried to start the engine, but it wouldn't start. We got out the manual and followed the directions for checking the injection pump timing. From what we could tell, we needed to increase the thickness of the shim, so I made a gasket/shim and we added it to the existing shim, but still the engine wouldn't start.

In fact, when we added the shim the timing seemed to retard rather than advance. See that silver pointer in the photo below? It's supposed to be over there at 17° BTDC. If you increase the thickness of the injection pump shim, it should advance the timing, but when we increased the shim thickness, the pointer got CLOSER to TCD. We are stymied. Can anyone offer advice?

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