Friday, March 4, 2016

Cane Garden Bay

Encouraged to visit here by friends, we have not been disappointed with Cane Garden Bay. It has a good sized anchorage, a clean sandy sweep of beach, and several palapa-like establishments selling food and drink. It reminds us of the Mexican beaches we enjoyed so much last year.

There is a sunken barge in a protected corner in only 10' of water. We saw a large ray and lots of reef fish there this afternoon. After that we cleaned the bottom of our boat. Not a fun job, but we just keep doing it month after month.

The locals are friendly and industrious.
Someone has invented a solar powered, mobile snack boat, which we didn't see in operation, but what a great idea. It had a little BBQ, an ice chest, an electric motor, and was built around a picnic table. Swim-up snacks!

One evening we watched the sunset while drinking the local specialty: a BBC, or Baileys, a Banana, and Coconut Cream, blended with a dash of nutmeg. It was like a milkshake and tasted delicious.
Cane Garden Bay, our new favorite anchorage.

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