Monday, September 15, 2014


When we first got this boat my Dad had recently gotten rid of his travel trailer. He offered us two TravaSaks, which are basically cute sleeping bags with sheets that Velcro in.
We have used them for quite a while and really like them. They are comfortable and really easy to keep neat. Just zip them up and the bed is made! The only problem is they are pink and we don't have a speck of pink anywhere on the boat, so I wanted to get some new ones.
They are no longer made, so I decided to make my own. It took a while to gather all the materials and now I realize why they were so expensive. For two TravaSaks I needed 10 yards of outer fabric, 10 yards of lining, 1 queen size piece of thin batting, 1 queen size piece of thick batting, 20 yards of Velcro, 4 sleeping bag zippers, and 1 set of king sheets.

I chose a fabric that has an ocean theme to it and picks up the colors we already have on the boat. The sheets are plain white and I got extra pillowcases because when you can't wash sheets, a clean pillowcase can still freshen up your bed.

I'm really pleased with how they came out and know we will get many years of use from them.

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