Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Looooong Mast Project

We removed our mast on June 3rd and it seems like it's taking forever to make the changes, sand and paint it, get the new rods, tangs, and track, and put it all back together.

But yesterday morning we painted the second side and today we are prepping parts to re-assemble it. Our rigger said to use PVC pipe tape to protect the aluminum from the stainless steel. So today I applied it to cleats, tangs, and spreader mounts.

Here's a picture of one of our old tangs next to one of the new tangs. See that little crack? We didn't want to be beating to weather and thinking about that crack, so we had new ones made at Svendson's in Alameda.
And this is why every project takes so long. We find some safety issue that we're not happy with and we repair or replace it. Even though it adds time and expense, we will feel so much better when we head offshore.


Anonymous said...


What paint did you use for the mast ? I am going to spray mine and in preparation have been doing spray jobs at home to practice! I have an LVLP gun that has low overspray.


Laura Fortune said...

We sprayed a two part urethane; Matthew's was the brand, but they're all about the same.