Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Windlass Saga Concludes

We have finally got the windlass installed. First we thought we could service the old one, but it was irreparable, so we ordered a new one but they don't make exactly the same one anymore. We ordered what we thought was the same size, but when it arrived it was too small, so we exchanged it for a larger size. 

It finally arrived, but of course the holes were all different, so we had to fill one of the existing holes, drill two new holes (4" and 6"), ands make a new pad.  We finally got it bolted down, and then we put the new controller in the chain locker.  I was surprised that the captain had me doing all the work in the chain locker until I realized that he couldn't fit in there.
On our first test, the chain went up when we pushed the "down" button, so we exchanged two wires and it was good. And now, after two months, we finally have a windlass again.

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