Sunday, November 10, 2013

New Stove

Why is our old stove sitting on the floor?

Because we are getting a new one!

But first we have to get the stove into the main cabin....which means it has to go down through the hatch in the center of the boat because the stove is 21"wide and all the doors in the boat are only 16" wide.
One of the really good things about sailboats is that plenty of ropes and blocks and winches are available for lifting things in and out of the boat. Using a halyard tail and a snatch block on the boom, we lashed it around the stove and lowered it down the hatch. It was a tight fit, but we managed to get it down below.

We also decided to put a sheet of stainless steel below it to try to make it easier to keep clean. Here it is all masked off so we can apply the spray glue to the old stained wood.

Here's the new metal being put into place. Next we made a template to get the gimble points figured out.
Then we mounted the brackets and lifted the stove into place.
After hooking up and testing the gas line for leaks, we fired up the burners. Oh my! These burners are so much larger than the old stove's. And the oven has a thermostat! I can hardly wait to cook on it.

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