Thursday, October 3, 2013

Galley Lighting

Before we bought our boat this was our kitchen. It was large, cheerful, and bright with plenty of counter space, two sinks, huge frige, six burner range, and lots of storage. It also had great task lighting, under cabinet lights, and general illumination provided by several fluorescent lights.

Now here we are on the boat with a tiny space, only 4' of counter space, tiny frige, tiny freezer, three burners, and horrible lighting.
Now that it is getting dark earlier we really notice the bad lighting over the sink in particular. There is only one fixture in the corner behind the cabinet so most of the sink is in the dark. Not good.
Tonight the Captain replaced that light and added two others. He is using these LED lights from Charles McMurray. 
Not only are they bright and sleek but they provide excellent lighting using way less amperage. I am totally impressed and so is the captain. We will probably end up replacing all our lights with LED lights.
Here's how the sink area looks with three  new LED lights. Pretty amazing, isn't it? And they only draw about one amp.
Maybe we will tackle the other side of the galley this weekend. Notice there are no lights over the stove at all? We plan to add two there as well.

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