Saturday, August 24, 2013

It's All In The Details

Although we haven't moved aboard, we are thinking and planning for that day. And one of the areas that needs a lot of attention is the galley because we love to cook and want the galley to be as efficient as possible.

There is absolutely no special storage anywhere in the galley; no spice rack, no paper towel holder, no coffee thermos holder, no garbage bag holder. And it's those kind of details that make a galley more efficient and pleasant to use.
So today I taped a few spice jars together and tried them out in a few places. This spot on the inside of the doors seems to be the best. It's close to the cooker, in the dark, and there is plenty of room between the front edge of the top shelf and the inside of the door.
So then I made a cardboard mockup. If we make them 3" tall and out of clear acrylic, they will be quite secure and we can still read the labels. 

I'll just add them to the Captain's list of projects. He has been re-wiring the batteries for the past week. Getting rid of more snarly wire runs by making giant buss bars, and zip- tying everything. 
Isn't that a thing of beauty? See, it's all in the details.

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