Friday, May 31, 2013

Sold the House!

Four days after we got back from the East Coast, we had a huge yard sale and six days after that we listed our house. Then we had an Open House on April 14th and got an offer right away. We accepted it and thought things were going good until the buyer backed out. So we had another Open House on April 27th, and got three more offers. We selected the cleanest one (all cash, 30 day escrow) and started thinking about where we were going to live until we take off cruising. So we bought a little condo and after signing our names about a bazillion times, we have sold our house and bought a condo. Escrow has closed on both properties, and we will be moving on June 4th.

It is with mixed feelings though. Even though the house was originally built in 1950, we literally rebuilt it ourselves in 2000. We raised our kids there, entertained the families several times a year, and lived there for 17 years. It was a beautiful property with heritage oak trees, an established neighborhood, and great neighbors. However, while most folks clean their gutters once a year, we cleaned ours every month. And with every season came another thing falling from the trees. And the water bills were getting out of hand. And we were just getting tired of spending all our spare time maintaining a house where only two people lived. The condo has a home owner's association to do all the outdoor maintenance and repairs. Yippee! So we can go off for several days at a time and not worry about the yard.

And so now we can concentrate on getting a boat.

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