Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Swans

 Here is one of the boats that we were interested in. It's a Swan 44.
 The salon has beautiful white upholstery and the whole boat seemed well cared for.
 But we just weren't thrilled with the accomodations so we also checked out a Swan 46.

 The Swan 46 had nicer accomodations, but the decks were in terrible condition and most of the systems on the boat were older. Replacing the teak decks could cost $25,000.00, and non-skid would be nicer (and cheaper), but even that would cost $15,000.00.
 And it seemed awfully dark down below. Maybe it was the burgundy upholstery, but I think it was the low cabin sides which don't allow for large portlights.

 And the aft cabin had a ladder in the bunk!

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