Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sunday in Savannah

We got out early this morning and took a quiet walk to Forsyth Park. Meandering along the shady streets, we enjoyed the scent of jasmine and gardenia, and more fountains, statues, and monuments.
The locals were out doing their Sunday thing too: jogging, biking, walking their dogs, reading the paper, having coffee, and going to church. 

Just west of the park is a bicycle rental shop where we rented two bikes. We wanted to explore a neighborhood called Ardsley Park that's about a mile further south.
For you folks back home, Ardsley Park is a lot like the Oxford Circle area on steroids. It has block after block of beautiful brick homes built in the 1020s and 1930s. The style of architecture is heavy into Colonial Revival, but there are a few in the English style too. 
The homes are almost all brick because there is no native stone here, but there's plenty of clay for making bricks. Many of the brick homes were painted, but not all, and some of those that were painted have had the paint removed, so there's an interesting range of colors from deep red to dusky rose.

I noticed that the huge Live Oaks were all neatly lined up between the sidewalks and the curbs, not scattered willy-nilly like our Valley Oaks at home. Although they are huge, they must have been planted when this neighborhood was laid out back in 1910, so they are about 100 years old.

This gorgeous five bedroom home is for sale for $949,900. If that's too much, then this four bedroom home is available for only $559,000.

After our bike tour we visited the Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum...
and then had lunch at the Six Pence Pub.

We have certainly enjoyed our time in Savannah, but tomorrow we will untie the docklines and head north again. Next stop Charleston?

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