Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Assasin's Creed IV, Black Flag aka Matthew Town

When I Googled "Matthew Town", I discovered that it is one of the locations in Assasin's Creed IV. I had no idea.

In real life, this small island is home to a large Morton Salt plant and not much else. The population of 1000 people either works there or provides support services for those who do. There is virtually no tourism, so very few restaurants and not a pirate in sight.

A huge generator runs 24/7 to provide power for the town. There is a general store, a library, an abandoned prison, a police station, a gas station, an ice house, an airport, the Customs and Immigration building, and acres and acres of saltpans.

In the past the people used cisterns (seen below) to capture rainwater for household use, but now they all buy their drinking water from the icehouse. It's made from seawater using reverse osmosis.
Things are different here from the Caribbean islands we've visited, but that's what makes cruising so interesting. And the beauty of the water is just astounding. So, so clean and blue.

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