Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Highs and Lows of being back home

It's nice to be back home for a while, helping my Dad, enjoying California's fabulous spring weather,
spending time with the families,
taking a break for a few hours to visit Lyondecker's paintings at the museum,
and looking through old photo albums.

But, the work involved at the house has been staggering: 18' of foundation repair,
a whole new bathroom from the floor joists up,
80' of new fence, cracks in floor girders,
wiring, cleaning, painting, knowing Home Depot way too well, 
and sewer problems. Yes, sewer repairs too.

We work like demons every day and fall into bed exhausted every night. I thought cruising was hard, but its a cake walk compared to this. I can't wait to be back aboard "Thistle ".

Almost forgot this photo of the Captain way back in 1978, shortly after he got his pilots license, with one of Gottschalk Flying Center's 152s. Look at that gorgeous red hair.

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