Friday, January 15, 2016

Daily Dose of Nature

Have you seen this excellent spoof on those annoying drug commercials? Go ahead and take a minute to watch it if you haven't seen it. Even if you have seen it, it's worth a second look.

Hilarious isn't it? And so true! Getting close to nature is a basic human need which too few of us are getting lately. We get so wrapped up with modern life that we forget to look up, out, and beyond the four walls that enclose us. I think this spoof is spot on.

I've always been a Nature user preferring to spend time outdoors surrounded with dirt, bugs, birds, and plants than indoors under fluorescent lamps. When we lived on land we were often outside twelve months of the year soaking up our daily dose of Nature. I'd much rather go camping than stay at a fancy hotel.
I'd spend hours searching for these beads rather than go to the jewelry store at the mall.
I'd walk miles to watch these creatures before I'd walk across the room to watch TV.
I'd wait hours for this shot before I'd wait in line 10 minutes on Black Friday.
I'd happily go out in my dinghy alone at 5:00am to see a rainy sunrise before I'd stay up watching the late show.
Since I've joined the "31 Days of Sunrise" challenge, I have upped my dosage of Nature and have been feeling great with no adverse side effects. In fact, I look forward to my next early morning dosage. Do you think I'm addicted? 

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