Sunday, August 23, 2015


After an uneventful seven hour passage from Isla Pinos, we arrived at Sapzurro in the late afternoon. In the large well protected bay we found six other sailboats and anchored near them. After we anchored and turned off the engine we could hear loud music coming from the town. We could also see lots of activity on shore and several pangas moving about the harbor. It all seemed so different from our last two months; almost like we were in Mexico again.....

The next morning we dinghyed over to our closest neighboring boat and met Juan David. After sharing some local knowledge about shopping and telling us he was from Cartagena, he gave us a huge smile and said, "Welcome to Colombia!" Frankly, we thought we were still in Panama because the border is a little vague on our chart, but when Juan David gave us his hearty welcome we instantly understood why this town seemed so different from Panama.

After landing ashore and easily finding diesel fuel, groceries, and a SIM card - in a small village with no cars I might add - we were definitely impressed. And walking around the town seeing the tidy, brightly painted homes, families enjoying a day on the beach, and smiling friendly faces, I think we are going to like Colombia just fine.

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