Tuesday, August 12, 2014


We are using the Spartite Mast Wedge Replacement System to secure our mast at the partners. I opened the box this morning, read the instructions, did a few other little projects, jammed the foam up in the partner, and suddenly it was lunch time.
After lunch I started creating the clay mold on top of the foam. Then someone came by, we got to talking, we went to look at his hot rod, then his boat, then back to our boat, and pretty soon it was 4:00! Generally we get more done in a day, but sometimes we get distracted.
Now here it is almost 6:00, i finished the clay, made the tape dam, and I'm finally ready to pour the goop in. 
Our partners overlapped the deck a little so I had to fill that with clay so the Spartite would be removable. Luckily, the decorative trim makes a strong support for the Spartite as it dries. We screwed it back in place after I jammed the foam in.
Now tomorrow morning we will mix and pour the Spartite in.
You can see the grey clay filling the bottom of the mold in this photo.

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