Monday, May 5, 2014

Teak Almost Done

Saturday we glued the strips down on the main part of the cockpit floor, and Sunday we removed the screws and filled the seams with more epoxy.

This morning the Captain sanded that part and finish-sanded the four seats. Then we applied the first coat of Tung Oil to the seats. 
So now ALL the new wood is installed and we are starting to apply the finish. We plan to apply three coats of Tung Oil.

We got some new parts from Edson to replace the rusty old things. We need to install those and repaint the pedestal, but hopefully we will have the helm re-installed by the end of the week.

And in case I run out of things to do, the Captain wants to strip and refinish the aft half of the cap rails while we have the boat backed in.

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