Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Bimini and Dodger Progress

We now have several stainless steel arches over our cockpit. Tomorrow patterns for the fabric will be made and the sewing will start. We chose Captains Navy for the color. The dark colors are much better at blocking the UV rays and last longer than the lighter colors.


Anonymous said...


Now I can understand how you got your canvas work done so quickly. I guess we should follow your lead and take our Sabre to Tower Park. Maybe then we'd get the job done quickly.

BTW, any issues with depths while traveling to Tower Park from SSC?

Thanks for your posts.

Dave & Julie Wilson
Dock B-7, Sabre 34 Sea Glass

Laura Fortune said...

There are some shallow spots, but we had no trouble. Just remember to tie your boat well and put out lots of bumpers because the wind gets bad out there.