Friday, July 19, 2013

Like Wrestling A Python

Removing most of the hoses on the engine was easy, but the exhaust hose from the muffler to the thru-hull at the transom was like wrestling a python.

First if all, it's 4" in diameter and almost 14' long. Secondly, it goes through one bulkhead, and under the refrigeration unit and under the 220v inverter. And the fit was pretty tight. So we took a little off of the refrigeration platform with a Sawzall. Let me tell you - I was a little nervous when the Captain fired that baby up, but I was watching for wires and hoses and he proceeded slowly. And after we removed about an inch of the platform, we were able to wiggle the python out.

 The shorter section from the engine to the muffler was really bad. Here are the cracks on the top...

and here is the damage on the bottom. Admittedly, we cut it a little to get it off, but it was in really bad shape.

So tomorrow I will pick up all the new hoses and belts and this weekend we will be sweating in the bilges putting them all back.

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