Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Although it's not nearly as bad as buying and selling the houses, we have been doing lots of paperwork this week to make the boat ours. Just today we wired the final payment to the broker and we should actually take possession of her on Friday. We plan to drive over with enough gear and food for four days, get settled in Friday night, and leave Saturday morning for home. We have made the trip in as little as 11 hours and as long as four days with bad weather and/or mechanical problems.We will anchor early Saturday evening and finish the trip on Sunday morning.

We have a slip arranged at the Sailing Club, but it's not really long enough for this boat. However because there are no slips directly behind the slip and we have a bow thruster, we think it will work out okay. Of course, 8' of the boat will be sticking out the back of the slip, but we are on the list for an end tie.

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