Sunday, October 26, 2014

Tourists in San Diego

Since we got all our chores done, we thought we should act like tourists a little bit here in San Diego.
First we visited the Maritime Museum with all its old ships.

Then we walked up to the Little Italy area and enjoyed the sights.
Tomorrow we will do some final provisioning and laundry so we will be ready for the skipper's meeting and party on Sunday and the start of the rally on Monday.

Monday, October 20, 2014

In San Diego

We left Santa Cruz Island Sunday morning about 7:00am and arrived in San Diego this morning about 11:00am. We had an uneventful passage, mainly motoring due to lack of wind.
It's always exciting coming into San Diego because of the Navy's presence. There's always something to see; helicopters, warships, submarines, and the Navy's trained dolphins.

Here is a picture of our buddy boats; Flibbertigibbet and Brown Sugar. It's been fun traveling down the coast with them and I'm sure we will all have more grand adventures on the HaHa. 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Off Catalina Island

We enjoyed two quiet days at Yellowbanks Anchorage on Santa Cruz Island. We are just now passing Catalina Island (seen above). We are now heading to San Diego and expect to arrive tomorrow afternoon.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Rolling Past Pt. Conception

We left Santa Cruz Wednesday morning around 9:00 am headed for Smuggler's Cove on Santa Cruz Island in the Santa Barbara Channel. Above you can see our track on the chart plotter. We try to stay on the track, but we zigzag a bit now and then.
We are doing well, Thistle is performing beautifully, all is good on our little ship.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Santa Cruz

We arrived safe and sound in Santa Cruz this afternoon. We left San Francisco last night and had a lumpy ride down here.

We mainly motor sailed because the winds were from the South; exactly the way we wanted to go!
The weather forecast isn't good for tomorrow, so we will probably stay here two nights or until the weather improves.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Evenings Like This

Evenings like this are why we love boating.
Anchor down, showers, then cocktails and dinner in the cockpit. Perfect.

Bon voyage

We had the best party ever yesterday. I want to thank everyone for attending, and for all the help preparing food and setting up. And I especially want to thank everyone for the wonderful gifts. 
Thanks to Phil Hendricks, we even had a mariachi band.

It's rather bittersweet to see all these folks from our previous life: business associates, employees, old old friends.... 
We enjoyed our assocoation with you and we hope to see you all again soon, perhaps at some foreign port when you come to visit. Thank you, thank you everyone.

We left our dock this morning around 11:00 am and rode the outgoing tide as long as we could. At 3:30 we started fighting the tide, so we anchored for the night near Browns Island in New York Slough.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Finished Sail Cover

I finished the sail cover this morning and we put it on after lunch. So good to have that new sail protected from the sun.

As our departure day approaches, we have been busy doing all those last minute things like: getting Visas, our TIP, Mexican insurance, cruising guides, a medical book; going through lockers organizing and culling; selling furniture, household items, and our vehicles; getting our daughter set up to write checks for us if necessary; purchasing spares and provisions; notifying the harbor master that we are leaving; organizing a Bon Voyage party.....the list just goes on and on!
Somehow we will get it all done, and if we don't it will just have to wait until we get to San Diego.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Mainsail Cover

Look what arrived the other day: a mainsail cover kit from Sailrite. I was impressed with speed of the delivery; it arrived less than a week from when I ordered it!

Even with all the last minute things we have been doing, I have managed to get it sew together. I just have to do the final fit and the fasteners.

My trusty old "Anker" sewing machine has paid for itself many times over in the 30+ years I have had it. And yes kids, it's going on the boat with us.